A campaign I am looking to DM, taking place millennia after a previous game I ran to completion in Arizona. The world as it is has been set in motion by the choices made by the previous generation.

I will likely be using the Pathfinder rule set, though the elements relating to Gods are completely different thematically if not mechanically.

As far as character creation goes, I will work with everyone independently depending on what roles they would like to play. I will open it up to any Paizo approved race/classes/feats, as long as I don’t decide they are game breaking.

My only stipulation is that this campaign requires relatively consistent attendance, though the time table of session will be worked out to find something that works for everyone. It is a story to be told, that will evolve with the players choices, as opposed to a sand box style game.

I will work very closely with each player, giving each character a unique role to play. Let me know if you are interested in participating, and if so, what role you would like to play!

Since I don’t feel like paying for “ascendant”, most of my coordination will be via email: benschmitz@gmail.com

I can’t wait to hear from everyone so we can get started!

“Can you see it?” A dragon, red eyes burning with brilliant flame, asked.

A man in armor decorated with the symbol of a falcon, wreathed in crackling energy, stood at the edge of a sea of magma. He was weaving powers unknown to mortals. He peered into the pool, his eyes shining like sapphires.

“I can see… It’s so far away, but it must be as it always has…” He replied.

“We can help them can’t we?” A woman, pure white light shining from her eyes, spoke in a shaky tone as she held a babe to her breast. “We can do better, they can learn from our mistakes. It doesn’t always have to end like this…”

“How? The thrice damned fool Almaniveh have now wrought as much destruction as they had hoped to prevent. Those two didn’t wait to take a breath before going at each other’s throats. And of course ‘he’ must be considered…” The dragon spoke with a snide derision.

“I have already made my choice…” She said, as she gazed at her child with equal parts love and fear. “I cannot guide the future, and perhaps that is for the best… The world has already been driven down a dark path I could not prevent.” The woman spoke, her voice shaking with rage as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I too will pass… It is long from now that the great trial shall return, and I cannot bear to exist in the ways one must to endure the passage of time.” The man said, turning away from the pool of flame.

“Perhaps I can stand to guide them… I shall persist in this form a great while. My children shall rise from the immeasurable destruction that hatred and foolish unfettered Almaniveh power unleashed.” The dragon sad, a note of sadness in his booming voice. “Perhaps enough of me will remain for them to find… Tell me Karstaff, what did you see?”

The man paused a moment, then spoke, his voice echoing through the chamber.

“The envoy will be sent, the descendant shall play their role.

One old hatred extinguished, another fanned into billowing abomination in its place.

The guardians will rise to meet the challenge, but will they be enough?

His corruption and hatred grows.

The Almaniveh will be found, but can they resist him?

Can they stop it?"

He fell to his knees, sobbing. The woman and the dragon moved in to offer kindness.

“I don’t know… I can’t see past them. Almaniveh are too disruptive. I can’t see past their arrival” He spoke in a sigh, and rose to stand, as the three gods walked back out of the chamber and into the mists of time.

Millennia ago, fate repeated the endless cycle, as it must.

Now the cycle begins anew.

One player must rise to the challenge of the White, sent by the holy reclusive order to unite the spectrum against the growing threat. This role bears a heavy responsibility.

Three players will be found, their peaceful lives away from the control of the powers are snatched from them. Their place in the world is turned upside down. What will they become?

The guardians must be gathered, no less than two. What powers are willing to acquiesce to the call of the White envoy. Who will answer the ancient promise? The Green? The Red? The Purple? The Blue? The Orange? The Yellow? Perhaps even the Pink? The choices must be made.

- The Green – People of the forest, humans, elves, and animal folk living detached from the rest of the world. Their envoy would be one in touch with nature. They are bitter enemies of the Orange.

- The Red – From the ruins of a once great civilization, a people of flame and desert rose and rebuilt on the glass. Azers and Lizardfolk congregate amongst the other common races. Their envoy would value strength of arms and martial prowess. They are close allies of the blue, despite the devastation suffered in ancient history.

- The Purple – Less a civilization and more of an order. An ancient society of honor. They live by a strict code, and seek nothing more than to bring peace and justice to those that they can. Their envoy would value honor, and would seek to bring regal justice back to the world.

- The Blue – The most prosperous realm in all of the land. A people of magic, both arcane and of the Gods. Their floating cities contain wisdom and knowledge sought by many. Their envoy would value the power that wisdom and knowledge can bring. They are allies of the red.

- The Orange – Once a prosperous and powerful society of under-dwellers, centuries of bitter war have driven them to a shadow of what they once were. Their envoy would value subterfuge and stealth. They are bitter enemies of the green.

- The Yellow – A nomadic people living off the plains. They avoid what they can of the rest of the world, seeking to live in tune with the spirits of their ancestors. Their envoy would value the ancient traditions of their people.

- The Pink – Hardly a people of note to most, the pink are more of a loose traveling coalition of creative types. They pass stories and seek only to hear “the song”. Their envoy would value expression, in all of its forms.