The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

A Quest for Peace

Peace. A strange word to hear after all this time. After all this violence. We were to make peace with the Green. Armok told me that if we were to stand any chance against the coming Darkness, that we would have to. He told me of how he had fought the shadow before united with the other peoples of the world, and still it was not enough. He made it all too clear that if we went against the Dark Lord as we are now, we would be slaughtered. He told me that there was going to be an envoy sent to the Green to make talk of peace, cooperation, and preparation against the coming storm. The first Dwarves of the mountain to be sent into the Deep wood in millennia. It would be a perilous journey through the wild mountains, and dangerous wood. He told me I would be the one to lead this expedition. The mix of feelings I felt was strange indeed. I had been fighting the Green all my life. They were my enemies, yet all my life I had also known that this was not the way it was supposed to be. It took me a minute to collect my thoughts, but I found my resolve. I was ready to set aside old differences, and old hatreds, if it meant walking the path to our true destiny. I would go on this quest, if it meant that I may stand for the first time in my life as a true Dwarven Warrior, unshakable and strong, with pride and honor in my heart. I would go on any quest, if it meant a chance to save my people. But that doesn’t change just how daunting this was. Preperations were to be made…but first I needed a drink. In the old drinkhouse I sat with Karnor. He would not hear any talk of my dissuading him from coming along on this mission. He is stubborn, but loyal to the core, and while I worried for him as my brother, in my heart I was glad that he was coming, for there is none I’d trust more to watch my back. In the Tavern was a tough looking, one-eyed woman named Tuli. She overheard the talk with my brother, and also offered her services in the quest. Something about her was…familiar. I found myself quickly accepting her offer. Later I realized that we needed weapons. I consulted with the Boomkin, though it took a while (Negotiating with them is difficult as they all seem to be quite hard of hearing) and they told me they would send one of their own along for the quest. After this, I explored upon rumors I had been hearing of late of the deep forges being lit anew. There was talk that the great magma elementals had returned. I knew from my books of one who would know the truth of this. In ancient times, there was a clan of master forge smith’s called the Dor-Ta’alomar. They were said to have crafted the best weapons and armor in not just the mountains, but perhaps the world, but they were long forgotten. The only one who could ever be found in the ruins of their ancient tribal grounds was old Doreen Greybeard. Doreen was a hermit who spent much time alone, and nobody bothered him too much, for he was a strange one. I found him there in his hovel, but before he would hear any word of my request he led me through an old secret pass, to the ancient forges. The rumors were true. The ancient bellows were lit again! In his hands, Doreen held a mighty forge hammer! “The fires are lit anew!” He said. “How can this be?” and so I told him of all I knew of those who came and awoke the elementals, based off what Armok had told me. I told him of the quest, and the perilous journey to the green I was to make. “Return to me in 3 days” said he, and so I did. I found he had forged weapons and armor the likes of which I had never seen. He alone had remembered the old ways of the forge. He had things not just for me, or the companions I had told him about, but others as well…and for himself. “In days of old, the Green and the Orange fought together. Men, Elves, and Dwarves walked together through the halls of the mountain and the great wood. I have a gift I will present to the Lords of the Green.” Said he, and he showed a beautiful intricate case, the contents of which he would not reveal. “I will join you, and feel the sun on this old body, and and smell the trees, as did my ancestors of old.” Over the next few days, more supplies and Dwarves were gathered. A company of 7 would depart the mountain. Our glorious quest, would soon begin…


benschmitz david_shore_71

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