The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Am I lost within my journey?

3rd Entry

I have yet to make another attempt in using the elemental fist or focusing my ki. And yet still I have badly injured 1 and taken the lives of 5 others. What is becoming of me? I went from never have taken a life to claiming the lives of 6 possibly 7. While I did not look to start this fight I surely did not shy away from it. I do not regret my actions because all that are with me are alive. But will my body and soul commit civil war within me? The blood of the gods lays within me. While my of peace within thyself and love those around me are the teachings of a great sage. Remain at peace is of great importance to have peace externally. But to remain neutral in the time of slaughter and oppression chooses the side of the oppressor. And I can not do nothing when so much is at risk. Am I cursed to be given strength and not use it to help those without it? Ashford is fighting with a great loss in his soul. Conflicted with the chance that he may have to take the life of his future. And he still moves onward without hesitation. Seeing such strength within a man has shown me what real strength looks like, and causes me to question my own. Is the destiny of my blood and harmony of my soul meant to co-exist in one body? I must find tranquil resonance. All I can do is read and meditate in hopes that I can connect all that influences me. Whatever the result I can not allow for evil take hold on the innocent. Ashford is very much like my brother. Regardless of what happens I vow to help Ashford get his future back and put a stop to this until there is nothing left within me.


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