The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation


Reunions and Departures

We finally have made it into the capitol city of the Blue. It is good to be back. The way in was difficult and the city borders are tighter than ever. I saw Shara again. She may not be my soul mate but she is a VERY good friend. She seemed concerned with the “Gill people”. Apparently they are raiding shipping into and out of the city.
On a more personal nature within the party Braith seems to be concerned about what that strange lady…what was her name?…Ashford said Wisp? or was it Franchesca? No matter. She told Braith that if Braith turned she would kill her. And I noticed that Braith is no longer carrying the daggers we found. Is this a coincidence?
We have much to do and it seems much less time to do it in. I pray that we will be in time. The future rushes forward and the fates are never kind.


benschmitz brdltaylor712

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