The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Charisma of the white ...

Charisma is a half elf by birth, and now a full elf by reincarnation, magus. At the age of 7 she started to train under the white lady so that she would eventually be her replacement. The country of the white is isolated and everything that she knows about the world she knows from history books ( that were written by scholars of the white) so even though she is knowledgable of history it is based on a white narrative. Going out and bringing back representatives of other nations is the first time she has ever been around others who do not share the same ideals and have different opinions. When the lady of the white was slain she not only lost a mother figure ( being closer to her then to her own mother) but she also realized that she is expected to be a leader before she is ready, her training is not complete and the lady had taken many secrets to the grave. With the destruction of the tower anythings that she had written down are also lost. Charisma has been internally dealing with the destruction of everything that she has known and is trying to find a new identity, she is lost and feels as though her companions could care less about what she is going through and is trying to fix a world that is coming down around her. The only thing that has been going right is getting her light back, which she had lost when she was reincarnated, but when she was finally about to harness her light was told off for having dispelled dark ones that were apparently “helping” the red. She is extremely perspective of the world around her, which was part of her training in identifying those who are dark touched, but again in feeling like she is nothing to her group they only listen to her when they want her to use her gifts. She feels like she should just wait in a corner and just come out when they want to know if someone is dark touched, that is why when she was proposed to and the party was laughing and joking she was devastated that no one had come to her to ask her what she wanted . How it would feel to get married and stay in a foreign land with no family or friends, she is just an object to be used to get Griffins for the party. She is just considering when she does marry the prince to go with him to the front, then she would have a chance to go rescue her people and she doubts that anyone would miss her.


benschmitz MichalKra

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