The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Light heart, heavy heart. Rogue walking in the tower.

(Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I just remembered the password in our game chaos)

the moment is: Charisma disappear into the lich crown
She wanted to scream and flail her limbs, yet fall limp all at once. Her grey eyes seized in panic.

Her heart was filled with sadness at the loss of their beloved monk. But the pure shock and sadness made it overflow at the taking of Charisma.

Her feet, normally feeling fleet and ready to move at moment’s notice, felt bound. Her body was heavy. Her heart ached right to bone. Braith was encumbered with grief. Sullen and stagnant, the burden of sadness was too heavy.

She looked at the gun slinger, the soldier, and the ranger. The rogue saw them, she saw her family, sick and wounded. Braith felt the weight in her heart press harder.

Her grey eyes lilted to the spot where their Mage should be standing.
She realized she lost her sister.
She realized what these people meant to her.
And how she cared not what happened to her own flesh or even riches.
She wanted her family, banded together again.

The heaviness in her heart lit afire. The heaviness burned and raged. This burning presseure lifted a bit, and her feet felt slightly untied. She moved, but it wasn’t with light steps…..


benschmitz TheOrcInPink

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