The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Moving Forward

As we have proceeded further in search of this armor to aid us in our journey we come across a group of goblins. Tavok instructed me to put out my light as it agitated the large cluster of centipedes that we also stumbled into. Which did us no good as we were being peppered by crossbow bolts. In which case the staying in the dark became a muted point as they can see in the dark but most of us can not. Needless to say the fight got underway. Braith tried reasoning with the goblins and while I do not speak goblin I know that nothing she said could’ve explained Hawgr charging the goblins, screaming and pouring alchemic oil on himself. Unfortunately I had to strike down a few goblins. Along with using the Hado technique to rid ourselves of the swarms. While this was going on I noticed that there were goblin children. Scared and scarred from seeing their family being slain by our hands. I am not sure if there was a better solution for this. It also became clear as to why they attacked us. After the goblins fled we unfortunately couldn’t spend much to rest. We had to push forward in order to ensure that the goblins couldn’t set traps. As we get into the next chamber via the door being kicked in. Couldn’t tell who did it honestly. But none the less here we are surely about to get into another fight. First thing that happened is all of our lights were put out, followed by an encounter with a female voice. Requesting for Charisma and Sen to come see her art gallery. It was extremely difficult to pin point the voice so all we could do is try to bargain our way through this until the lights came back on. After trying to converse with her to no avail we were forced to draw her out. the first time was by accident when Tavok called her ugly. The room started to shake and the pathway behind us was closed. Meanwhile me and Summaris spent time trying to come up with strategies and solutions to dealing with this which ultimately lead us to drawing her out by insulting her a 2nd time. Well that time she called for a huge centipede to come through one of the tunnels. As it’s head appeared me and Tavok’s attention shifted towards the creature. Tavok wasted no time putting 3 arrows of lightning into the beast as I followed with using my most powerful Hado attack. Making it the 4th time in one day I have used the Hado technique. As this is still a relatively new technique I have developed using it so much has been a bit taxing. But now that Tavok and myself have stopped the massive centipede now we had to focus on Ms. Murrata. I could only land a few hits on her but we eventually killed her. Sadly this journey is forcing so much loss of life. But we do what we must. But after the fight ended I found myself exhausted having used so much of my ki in this last series of fights. But I must say I don’t think I have ever seen Tavok fight so fiercely and with such focus. I am pretty sure that Tavok could have killed that giant centipede without my help. I am not sure if it was our conversation or the danger the Orange is in at the moment. It could be both but if this is the Tavok we are looking at in the future then I feel like there is hope to put a stop to this. And his potential is no longer a theory but now being applied. Now is just a matter of tapping into my own potential. With our opponents improving in number, skill and size something has to change. It is time that I return to my deep meditations, martial arts training and ki development.


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