The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Strength of Life

An Oracle's Lament

I am not strong enough yet. And our companions have paid the price. Ashfords son, Charisma, and Walin are dead and other is nothing I can do about it, not yet. But in this last day I have felt my connection to life grow stronger. Maybe soon death will be a foe I can conquer. Maybe soon my companions will not be at the whims of fate.
Ashford I feel for you. I know what it is like to lose someone close to you. I know the feeling of it being your fault that they die. This is a burden that I will bear with you. I cannot lighten your load, sorry, but I can provide succor when it seems too much.
Charisma I cannot bring you back. The power I am granted is not there yet. I have only been travelling with you for a short time. Is two months enough to really know some one? In this case I believe so. I saw you at your weakest and I saw your struggles to overcome. You will be missed.
Walin, we barely knew you but you became a staunch supporter and a companion of this fellowship. The Blue will be weaker without you and your tireless devotion to duty. I can only hope that the one to replace you is as selfless and tireless.
The wheel turns. What is born, dies. And what dies is reborn. Death is only a pause. I wish those who fell this night a peaceful rest and a better life next time around. All of you have earned it. Peace in the heavens and on earth. And life to all.


benschmitz brdltaylor712

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