The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

The Sands of the Red/The Journey Traveled Thus Far

So after I ran beyond my absolute fastest to the major city to warn them of the oncoming dangers. I found that members of the Black had already made it’s way into the ranks. Including a girl named the Singer. unfortunately I was not able to pick up on something until it was too late. To add onto that she put us about a days travel off course. And in the desert that can be dangerous. Fortunately I have plenty of water and rations for the party should it come to that. But I have kept that a secret for the most part. As we travel I notice that the super-virus has taken affect on some of the party. I have found myself completely immune but the rest are not as fortunate. But as time progressed I come to find a wonderful surprise display of character from Tavok and Summaris. The ranger and the druid have found a way to cure the entire group of the virus. Tavok truly has grown. Taken responsibility for his actions and found a solution to the problem. There may be hope for him and the Dwarves. Summaris surpirsed me as well. He really collaborated with the Dwarf. Maybe the Elves and Dwarves can grow beyond their problems. As we made it to our destination I meditate and can’t help but feel this strong power. Dangerous and oddly contained. I am not sure if that is a good thing or something to be careful about. A lot is at stake here. And time grows more and more precious as the finger is still on the move and the Singer is a carrier for the Super-Virus. And now Tavok is telling me that she has returned to the Orange. The Dwarves have already been hit hard. If we do not come with a cure there may not be any Dwarves left in the world. I hope we can make it in time.


benschmitz eyeamjamesanthony

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