The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation


You won't like me when I am angry ...

Hm… You say the party doesn’t care for you … hm… well well lady of the white I believe it’s time you and I had a serious conversation… you have started as a very strong and motivated leader when I first met you , I even saw hope in you not only for my people but for the people of the realms … but ever since that dreadful day when the lady of the white perished from this world you haven’t been yourself … and trust me I understand the loss of your homeland and people you love more than you can imagine … after all I have given the order to slay my own kin when we were under the mountain … I sank my blade into their flesh and watched their life vanish from their eyes right before me… there is no greater torment then to slay your own kin … not only that but I had to burry a young dwarfling even though he was innocent in all of this and had his whole life ahead of him … trust me when I say this the deaths that we caused so far weight heavily on my shoulders and the burden we all carry, it’s weight is a constant reminder why we must carry on, why we must succeed with this mission at all cost , for we lost so many good people along the way , destroyed so much to create something new … we sacrificed pieces of ourselves to bring the necessary changes but we also destroyed, sickened and caused mayhem … we have become both the messengers of unity and the raiders of destruction for wherever we went we have destroyed peaceful lives and created chaos in the name of uniting the spectrum and standing against the dark lord … a noble goal indeed and one might even say it’s a goal of a generation but at what cost ? How much blood will we shed? How many more will perish? How many nations will be destroyed? …

While traveling with you all I have discovered many things about myself and the world to finally have answers to these questions … I have decided to stand for something greater than myself … I have decided to stand for the people… Okenna out of all of us saw that long time ago, he tried hard to convey that message to us, but we never looked that way … we were too occupied with our own thoughts and problems, each one of us worried only about their own end of the stick to realize that ultimately if one of us falls the next one to fall will be they themselves….one doesn’t have to look far … just look at the Orange and Green … the war lasting for millennia decimated once great nations , weakened them to the brink of extinction for what ? for some petty squabble that happen long time ago ? When we went to the green they finally started to listen to reason rather than emotions and even then the feelings of hate and distrust were clearly visible … when we woke up Armak and I told him about the alliance with the green I thought he would murder me right there on the spot … (thanks be to Thorek he didn’t) and yet he somehow saw benefit in the alliance military one but benefit nonetheless (maybe with time I can convince him that pointy ears are beneficial albeit weird) .

Anyway I digress … what I mean to say is that if you want respect Charisma, if you truly want to unite the spectrum, if you truly want to become the leader of your people YOU HAVE TO BECOME THE LEADER!!!! Act like one, carry yourself with dignity and pride of your people … stand in the face of evil no matter of how big or small … show the world that you are Charisma of the white and that you will bow to no one! you used to be like that when I met you … but then … then you changed … you have grown weak … your spark of leadership your spark of adventure gone … it’s almost as if the “ will “ of Charisma died and with it , you died … not literally but metaphorically speaking of course … You always laugh at me when I say I will become the king of my people … surely enough before I was saying that in a jest … but now I am convinced I will sure as Thorekian hammers and the fires that forge our weapons claim my right to be one … for I have grown Charisma … sure I am still the same goofy Tavok sometimes but now I see the purpose and I see it clearly , I have a set goal and I’ll be beardless dwarf if I’ll let anybody or anything stand in my way of achieving it … let yourself believe in something Charisma , you have to otherwise you will perish for nothing in the pages of history … do you prefer to be a speck of dust on the pages of history or do you prefer to be a book itself !

I have put my faith in you since day 1 … and so did many others don’t disappoint us , lead us , lead the people and the realms like you suppose to , show us that Charisma of the white is the leader , show us that you will bow to no one and that you will stand in the face of evil against all odds … and then you will have my respect and my loyalty back … or you can cover in fear at the sight of any troubles and hide from your destiny , blaming the whole world around you for your own choices and consequences of thereof … that will only lead you to self-pity and you will wallow in your own misery … I understand a lot has happen , I understand you care for the people but care for them by being strong … not by being weak … where were you when we were fighting the dragon … you wield magical powers that others can only dream of … and yet you were nowhere to be seen … heck Pike the new guy from purple risked his life for a GROUP OF STRANGERS … and even though his talents were kind of useless in the water he did his part … he had the courage to stand in the face of enemy and do what had to be done ( although I wish we could have become allies with the dragon - well maybe next time with another dragon ). Show me the strength of the white , show me the resolve you had when we started adventuring and I swear by the mighty hammer of Thorek this dwarf will stand beside you till the end of days as your friend … lead us , lead the people , lead the spectrum by example of pride , honor , loyalty and most importantly unflinching resolve in the face of adversity … for that is the Charisma I remember …


benschmitz MichalKra

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