The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Writings of Tavish !

The memory of shitty pants !

We finally found Armak (spelling ) I never ever seen such an intimidating Dwarf in my life … ( not that I seen many Dwarfs ) his stature is legendary … and the golems as he calls them that he has with them … not even the blue had inventions of such magnitude ( by the way I don’t think he remembers that I punched him the dream … maybe that is for the best his axes are awfully sharp ) … Armak upon waking up and asking us who we are and what we want from him … started cursing Thorek … that did not sit well with the high priest who needed moment of solitude to gather his wits … within few minutes Solaris came back with the grim news that the priest is dead … assassinated … dammit I should have never ever let him go alone … and I should have trusted my gut ( or rather Flyuffy’s nose that something was amiss ) … we took the body to prepare a proper burial for a man of his standing … i acquired his hammer ( which I used later on to a great success )We headed back to the main compound after trying dissembling Armak’s golems , let’s just say I’d stay to building campfires … this technology thing is not really my domain … upon reaching the top we headed for the temple … what we saw there was carnage … among the dead I saw little Tavok … the rage within me swelled … I cursed the gods , I cursed Thorek to the 7th hell … in his own temple a GOD allowed for this to happen … what kind of god is he ? Maybe Armak was right .. maybe he is a weak god or a god losing power … who knows … it’s not for me to question gods but sure as a Dwarf I can be mad at him ( I wiggled my finger at him !!! ) …I took the body of little Tavok and buried him outside I promised to myself to return when I grow in power and bring him back to life if I can … Armak started to do what he does best … he is a natural leader although a little bit too bloodthirsty for my taste … he wanted to kill all dark touched from the start and I almost agreed with him but I remembered two things … my oaths and something we learned not so long ago " Only through the passage of the strength from ancestor to the youth does the strength of the Threads remain beyond the reach of the darkness… " I don’t know if this applied in this case but the youth should be spared regardless … we got tasked witht he mission of infiltrating the compound of the blackhand … I went ahead with our party Rogue ( I still don’t know if she can be trusted just yet ) … thank god I was fast enough and discovered first trap as well as first dark tainted dwarf that we encountered … I dispatched of him in the most non lethal way possible ( he might have a slight head ache and a huge lump on his head ) We discovered some more traps ( a gas one where I held my breath not to get poisoned ) and few cavein traps ( oh by the way Ashford shat his pants that made me giggle a little bit but then he is an old man and bowel movement must be hard for him at this age … so I cured him of his sickness ) … the party seemed like not knowing which way to go , Our rogue went full mental insanity on me … she even stabbed me … so I took out her legs if she stabbed me again I would take out her head … the party was still deciding what to do and which way to go so I took this as an opportunity to be adventurous and went on my own in a total darkness clinging to the shadows the pray turned into a hunter … oh wait that is who I am … **** giggle **** I went into the hallway where I spotted a trap at the crossroads and that led me to believe that most traps we encountered were at the crossroads … I also triggered another blade trap ( god damn blade traps ) and got skewered pretty badly … mad and annoyed I banged the wooden door to oblivion … and behind them I saw … Another door these ones made of some metal with hints of adamantium … I tried opening it with the dead body of the dwarf we just slayed … but that did nothing … I was about to dwarf the doors … but Okena ( the wise monk ) informed me to use my holy hammer and bash the door … I did as he asked and after a while the doors gave in … we saw the Arman inside sobbing and mumbling something about “ how it supposed to b different how he did it for his people “ I got mad , the images of all the dead dwarfs in the chapel flooded my head , the image of little Tavok carving the statute of fluffy … the rage took over me the inner dwarf in me awoke … the honor the pride of my people… I wanted to kill Armak I raised my hammer and was about to go for the killing blow when in the last moment something stopped me … I still don’t know what was it … was it the oaths ? was it just me and who I am that prevented me from killing Arman ( instead I bashed him upside the head ) I don’t know yet … whatever it was I thank it … Arman was a dark touched he was a traitor but he regretted his actions … all of the sudden his body burst and he turned into the black tentacle monster the same one from my dream … we decided to run as we stood no chance against such monster Ashford decided to blow it up and threw his powder keg into the room while yelling for everybody to get out … we all ran out , I was second to last to run out ( a dwarf moves only 20 but he fucking moves 20 ! ) but I noticed an oddity … the powder keg was too small … so I added a little bit extra powder to it * giggle * for the bigger boom … we all ran out of the room when we noticed Hoger our barbarian friend was still inside … we yelled for him to get out hoping he is not in his rage … he finally ran out … “ Ashford who was being attacked by the dark tainted dwarfs never lost his sight … with the daggers sticking out of him , sweat on his brow and shit in his pants ( or what remained of it ) … he shot the powder keg … Sumaris who is a druid of the elvenkind used his spell to seal the room so that the explosion would not get us … That was the loudest boom I ever heard in my life … I also think I saw a piece of something brown slip down Ashfords pants … * giggle *


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