The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

You won't like me when I am angry ...

Hm… You say the party doesn’t care for you … hm… well well lady of the white I believe it’s time you and I had a serious conversation… you have started as a very strong and motivated leader when I first met you , I even saw hope in you not only for my people but for the people of the realms … but ever since that dreadful day when the lady of the white perished from this world you haven’t been yourself … and trust me I understand the loss of your homeland and people you love more than you can imagine … after all I have given the order to slay my own kin when we were under the mountain … I sank my blade into their flesh and watched their life vanish from their eyes right before me… there is no greater torment then to slay your own kin … not only that but I had to burry a young dwarfling even though he was innocent in all of this and had his whole life ahead of him … trust me when I say this the deaths that we caused so far weight heavily on my shoulders and the burden we all carry, it’s weight is a constant reminder why we must carry on, why we must succeed with this mission at all cost , for we lost so many good people along the way , destroyed so much to create something new … we sacrificed pieces of ourselves to bring the necessary changes but we also destroyed, sickened and caused mayhem … we have become both the messengers of unity and the raiders of destruction for wherever we went we have destroyed peaceful lives and created chaos in the name of uniting the spectrum and standing against the dark lord … a noble goal indeed and one might even say it’s a goal of a generation but at what cost ? How much blood will we shed? How many more will perish? How many nations will be destroyed? …

While traveling with you all I have discovered many things about myself and the world to finally have answers to these questions … I have decided to stand for something greater than myself … I have decided to stand for the people… Okenna out of all of us saw that long time ago, he tried hard to convey that message to us, but we never looked that way … we were too occupied with our own thoughts and problems, each one of us worried only about their own end of the stick to realize that ultimately if one of us falls the next one to fall will be they themselves….one doesn’t have to look far … just look at the Orange and Green … the war lasting for millennia decimated once great nations , weakened them to the brink of extinction for what ? for some petty squabble that happen long time ago ? When we went to the green they finally started to listen to reason rather than emotions and even then the feelings of hate and distrust were clearly visible … when we woke up Armak and I told him about the alliance with the green I thought he would murder me right there on the spot … (thanks be to Thorek he didn’t) and yet he somehow saw benefit in the alliance military one but benefit nonetheless (maybe with time I can convince him that pointy ears are beneficial albeit weird) .

Anyway I digress … what I mean to say is that if you want respect Charisma, if you truly want to unite the spectrum, if you truly want to become the leader of your people YOU HAVE TO BECOME THE LEADER!!!! Act like one, carry yourself with dignity and pride of your people … stand in the face of evil no matter of how big or small … show the world that you are Charisma of the white and that you will bow to no one! you used to be like that when I met you … but then … then you changed … you have grown weak … your spark of leadership your spark of adventure gone … it’s almost as if the “ will “ of Charisma died and with it , you died … not literally but metaphorically speaking of course … You always laugh at me when I say I will become the king of my people … surely enough before I was saying that in a jest … but now I am convinced I will sure as Thorekian hammers and the fires that forge our weapons claim my right to be one … for I have grown Charisma … sure I am still the same goofy Tavok sometimes but now I see the purpose and I see it clearly , I have a set goal and I’ll be beardless dwarf if I’ll let anybody or anything stand in my way of achieving it … let yourself believe in something Charisma , you have to otherwise you will perish for nothing in the pages of history … do you prefer to be a speck of dust on the pages of history or do you prefer to be a book itself !

I have put my faith in you since day 1 … and so did many others don’t disappoint us , lead us , lead the people and the realms like you suppose to , show us that Charisma of the white is the leader , show us that you will bow to no one and that you will stand in the face of evil against all odds … and then you will have my respect and my loyalty back … or you can cover in fear at the sight of any troubles and hide from your destiny , blaming the whole world around you for your own choices and consequences of thereof … that will only lead you to self-pity and you will wallow in your own misery … I understand a lot has happen , I understand you care for the people but care for them by being strong … not by being weak … where were you when we were fighting the dragon … you wield magical powers that others can only dream of … and yet you were nowhere to be seen … heck Pike the new guy from purple risked his life for a GROUP OF STRANGERS … and even though his talents were kind of useless in the water he did his part … he had the courage to stand in the face of enemy and do what had to be done ( although I wish we could have become allies with the dragon - well maybe next time with another dragon ). Show me the strength of the white , show me the resolve you had when we started adventuring and I swear by the mighty hammer of Thorek this dwarf will stand beside you till the end of days as your friend … lead us , lead the people , lead the spectrum by example of pride , honor , loyalty and most importantly unflinching resolve in the face of adversity … for that is the Charisma I remember …

Charisma of the white ...

Charisma is a half elf by birth, and now a full elf by reincarnation, magus. At the age of 7 she started to train under the white lady so that she would eventually be her replacement. The country of the white is isolated and everything that she knows about the world she knows from history books ( that were written by scholars of the white) so even though she is knowledgable of history it is based on a white narrative. Going out and bringing back representatives of other nations is the first time she has ever been around others who do not share the same ideals and have different opinions. When the lady of the white was slain she not only lost a mother figure ( being closer to her then to her own mother) but she also realized that she is expected to be a leader before she is ready, her training is not complete and the lady had taken many secrets to the grave. With the destruction of the tower anythings that she had written down are also lost. Charisma has been internally dealing with the destruction of everything that she has known and is trying to find a new identity, she is lost and feels as though her companions could care less about what she is going through and is trying to fix a world that is coming down around her. The only thing that has been going right is getting her light back, which she had lost when she was reincarnated, but when she was finally about to harness her light was told off for having dispelled dark ones that were apparently “helping” the red. She is extremely perspective of the world around her, which was part of her training in identifying those who are dark touched, but again in feeling like she is nothing to her group they only listen to her when they want her to use her gifts. She feels like she should just wait in a corner and just come out when they want to know if someone is dark touched, that is why when she was proposed to and the party was laughing and joking she was devastated that no one had come to her to ask her what she wanted . How it would feel to get married and stay in a foreign land with no family or friends, she is just an object to be used to get Griffins for the party. She is just considering when she does marry the prince to go with him to the front, then she would have a chance to go rescue her people and she doubts that anyone would miss her.


…It’s funny how quickly you can notice the little differences. I woke up this morning without the smell of brewing tea on the air. You don’t properly notice a lot of the things you enjoy in life until they’re gone. It was only a week ago that Okenna abandon- no, departed from us to go to the Dark lands. Things have changed without him. Like I said, it’s funny how quickly you notice the little differences. Traveling all day leaves a man much time to think, too much time in fact. We’ve been moving nonstop ever since we got to the blue, and so much has happened since, that now it feels strange to have time for thought.
As the travelers press ever north, the Dwarf and the Elf lead from the front deciding the best path through the forest. The Orc, the Lady of the White, and the young rogue follow closely behind, each lost in their own thoughts. In the back, The Gunslinger walks, and stops a moment. He turns his head west and watches the sun set upon the eaves of the green wood. He knows that somewhere not far beyond the beautiful sight before him, the Darkness looms, and that there beyond that walks his friend… Ashford Hughes takes the moment to light his pipe, but he is interrupted by a call from Charisma, beckoning him to keep up lest he fall behind, and so he finishes his ritual and continues his march northward. His feet fall into a slow steady rhythm. His mind is left to wander, and to reminisce…
I still have the dreams about that day, and just like it did in reality, it always turns into a nightmare. Things hadn’t gone perfectly to get where we were, but we had a clear purpose. It was the day we were to speak with the council of the Blue. We had a plan that involved using Charisma’s unique talents to purge the council of those who would serve the Dark Lord. Some things went our way, such as the council’s decision to open communication with the Green, and to provide aid to the Dwarves. Some things did not turn out as we had hoped, such as Agmertis deeming it necessary to invoke martial law. Okenna was particularly vocal about the event. Of course he was. He always did have a way of standing up for the little guy. Rose would’ve liked him. Of note to me was the council’s decision to utilize their “Doom Cannon” A dramatic, if appropriate name for a devastating weapon. I was a fool to not have seen the following events coming. The Dark Lord’s plan was executed flawlessly. It was a night I’ll never forget.
Rain falls upon the floating isles and lightning strikes the sky, illuminating the corpses of the fallen. A father holds his son for the last time. Memories of love and laughter flood the mind of the father. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you…” Ashford closes his eyes and pulls his son close, finally answering the question in his mind of if he is even capable of doing what he’s about to do “I love you…” There is a loud boom, and a flash of light, but it is not the weather. There is then a silence, accompanied only by the sound of rain. “…Dad…Why?” The last words of Jon Hughes come weak. His eyes are absent of the Darkness that was there only a moment before, as blood come out of the corners of his mouth. A tear cuts across the spatter of blood and grime on the Gunslinger’s face. The body of his son falls lifelessly from his arms.
I barely remember the rest of the disaster around me at the time. Just…images. Nolkan, fallen in battle. Charisma, completely still on the pavement, her blade broken in two. Tavok, kneeling over her, screaming at the sky. Braith, standing next to the Dwarf, tears falling from her eyes. Hawgr, staring at the blood on his own hands. The weapon we would use to try and save Tavok’s people, gone over the edge of the cliffside. I have never seen so much devastation in one place. It was then I saw Okenna with a shocked look upon his face, coming to speak with me. “No,no,no…” He said “What have you done?” At what he told me next, I felt a rage such as I have only felt for one other man ever before. “I could have saved him… In my meditations, I’ve-” He pauses. “I’ve learned how to save someone from the Darkness.” My knuckle was sore for the rest of the following week. The Monk’s skin is like stone, but I couldn’t hold my rage. It took all I had to keep Nox Terminus holstered and stop myself from ending Okenna’s life right there. Maybe I should have, but enough lives had been taken that day. I was done.
“I could have saved him.” The words repeat in Ashford’s mind as he looks down at the crumpled piece of parchment in his hand, the note Okenna left behind for him.
It was one hell of a way to get the last word in. The monk did always try to do so in his many debates with Charisma, Tavok, and even myself on more than one occasion. I may not have always agreed with his ways, but Okenna never failed to stand his ground when he truly believed in something. I know our decisions have made him consider leaving us in the past, especially during his argument with Tavok after we left the library under the sea of glass. It always frustrated Okenna greatly whenever he thought we were dismissing what he had to say. I know I didn’t always heed his advice. Most recently, he didn’t approve of the way I left things with Rissa during the tribal festival, which is amusing in a way considering he’s a monk. I know he just wants me to try and be happy, but I can’t afford such distractions. Or is that just what I’m telling myself? By the gods, I miss you Rose… I can’t just move on. I didn’t expect Okenna to understand that. What I did expect him to understand was that even if I did not always follow his words, I did always listen. It’s why I was able to forgive his decision not to tell me about his…ability to save my son before it was too late. He told me what it would cost him, his own soul, forfeit to the Dark Lord. He told me he would’ve made that sacrifice given the chance, but couldn’t tell me about it because he was convinced I would’ve stopped him. To my shame, I wasn’t sure he was correct, but now…Forgive me Jon, but now I believe Okenna was right. I would’ve stopped him. Hell, I would have killed him before I let him willingly give himself to the bastard who took my family from me. Kind, beautiful, Rose. Jon, brave and enthusiastic. Amelia, kind as her mother and smarter than her old man will ever be.
Ashford takes the crumpled note, smoothes it out, and places it back in his bag. He closes his eyes, trying, and failing as usual, to manage his grim thoughts. The ever present surge of power in his right side isn’t helping either. He doesn’t know how much time he has before… The Gunslinger lets out an exasperated sigh, as one does when they realize they’ve been unconsciously holding their breath for whatever reason. He’s reminded of how much the burden of stress was eased by the antics of the Monk, like his addiction to brewing tea, and all his talk about meditation and tranquility. The briefest of smiles crosses the corner of his lips before returning to the usual frown, as he scolds himself for again getting caught up in the memory of someone he’s lost. It only brings pain after all.
Okenna, I hope you know I… I do trust you. That’s hard for me to say after what happened at the Floating Isles. Hawgr and Charisma see what you’ve done as a betrayal, and though I do not see it the same way, I cannot completely say that they are wrong to feel the way they do. For Charisma, it’s the emotional aspect of it, as it often is. For Hawgr, well… You know how he is about the warrior’s path he walks. I hope you know what that means for him should you ever return… Summaris is mistrustful of you, though I doubt that’s any different than it ever was for him. I don’t think he fully trusts any of us. It’s his intentions that I worry about the most, which is odd to say considering you’re the one among us who is in the Dark lands. Braith was… well, you hurt her Okenna. You were always there for her, in a way the rest of us can’t really be. I was also affected by your departure. The three of us, Humans amongst the like of Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs, we really had something. It’s hit her pretty hard, but ultimately I think she might see as I do, and as Tavok does. Tavok reminded me today that we… That we’re a family. He sounded like you, and despite the quarrels you’ve both had in the past, the young Dwarf has placed complete faith in you. Indeed he seems to have become quite a man of faith as of late. He has truly grown, and though he’s ever still a bumbling idiot from time to time, I see but a mask concealing a keen wisdom and a cunning intellect. Qualities developed over time through trial and tribulation, but also honed in part I’d like to think by my own counsel and by yours. I’ve seen the effects of your lessons on him regarding the consideration of every life shaped by our actions, and my thoughts become dark at the notion of what kind of potential king he could become without your influence in his life.
As for me, I cannot help but feel as if the decision you’ve made now, to leave so suddenly, feels very much like your choice not to tell me about your ability to save my son. Now you’ve gone to my daughter, this time before I’ve gone and made a mistake I can’t take back as you see it. I know that what you’re trying to do, you’re doing for the world, and now you’re doing it for Amelia as well. I will always be grateful for that, but there is something I need you to understand. My children are gone… I finally realized this when I first saw my son’s eyes after he tried to kill me. They were devoid of any life, any joy, any love, any sign at all that the boy I raised was still there. The Dark Lord took Jon, and left only a murdering, obscenity screaming, hateful abomination in his place. Only when I destroyed it, was my son released from his torment. That freedom is all I want for my daughter, and for myself, but not before I complete the mission. I know you want to bring her back from the Darkness, but even if the cost weren’t too great, even if you were to somehow succeed, and even if one could truly return to life as normal after being Val’s slave, what would she come back to? Her home lost, her mother and brother slain, and her father dead in all but the most literal sense. I’m…not the man I used to be. I know the pain of losing my family, and it is a pain I hope my Amelia never has to feel. No, after all she’s been through, Amelia would be returned alone, to a world literally tearing itself apart. I’ve lost them Okenna, my wife, my son… and my daughter, and I hope you haven’t lost yourself trying to change that. I’m not ready to lose my brother as well.
A rumbling of the earth and a call from Tavok up ahead brings Ashford’s focus back to reality. Summaris has taken to the sky in avian form, scouting it seems. The terrain here is unstable, and the Ranger must use his skills to lead the travelers safely through it. It is a long and arduous journey rife with the violent and ever present tremors of a suffering world.
I don’t know if we can stop this. I think I’ve begun to comprehend what Okenna was trying to say in the letter he left behind. About unifying the Spectrum. The whole Spectrum… I think Tavok and Summaris understand as well. I may understand it, but I don’t know if I can accept it. I don’t think I can, but what does that mean? For Okenna? For the world? The mission is the only thing that matters, it always has been, but what if it’s compromised? The world needs the Spectrum. The Spectrum requires unity. Unity requires peace. Peace requires…
As he marches onward into the night, the Gunslinger wonders if he will have the strength to make the decision he knows he must, when the time comes…
[[:okenna | Ashford Hughes]]

Rumblings of the Fey dwarf
The Transformation ....

We have breached the temple of Kraven finally , with the usage of all the tricks we had up our sleeves ( the brute force of Hoger , the elemental form of Summaris , my gloves of seeing through things and our cunning and intelligence ) we have finally managed to open the last doors …

We all went into the massive hall but upon short discussion we decided that since we only have one suit of armor and because Kraven was a warrior of renown skill that Hoger would be best suited to face the dragon alone with the rest of us waiting outside once things settle down …

After what seemed like eternity Hoger all beat up and a little bit crispy came out from the room … the aura of Kraven prominent in the air … not to mention the heat … the enormous amount of heat … after this I decided to test my own courage … and I entered the room wearing no armor of protection and using no magic to shield me from the heat waves I was slowly suffering from the heat but I had to see Kraven with my own eyes in all his glory … I had to see if I am strong enough to stand eye to eye with a dragon … Although just the flaming aura around Kraven almost killed me , when I mentioned Karlstaff , Armak and Thorek and the fact that us mortals can’t survive the aura that he has Kraven stopped his flaming aura and the rest of the party followed in … we presented the dragon with a description of current events and the state of affairs in the world and needless to say he wasn’t really pleased with our progress but he decided to help as much as he could … he opened his treasury for us to equip ourselves with items of magical nature to aid us in the fight against the dark lord … Braith got a new set of Daggers and the rest of us picked a trinket or two as well …

After short rest and restocking we composed a plan to take back the glass city , with Kraven on our side we went with an air assault ( or rather air drop ) that allowed us to get to the walls of the city while Kraven went onto dispatching hordes of ghosts and undeads … The dark lord like always was one step ahead of us … he already evacuated the city and the only person we met over there was Charles Jilandre … Braith couldn’t contain her emotions and decided to strike at Charles with her brand new daggers … not really knowing full well how they work she threw them at Charles scoring a hit … Ashford decided to follow up and tried to position himself to blast Charles into oblivion but Charles was ready for that , he had an ace up his sleeve and as soon as Ashford cut the corner to get a good aim at Charles he was met with an onslaught of hits from Charles’s eidolon … Sadly the rest of the party didn’t have a clear shot or line of sight at Charles and he managed to escape with brand new daggers yet again … ( braith wasn’t too happy about the outcome and I can only imagine Kraven’s reaction when we tell him that we lost his daggers … ) …

After we freed the city and Kraven said his goodbyes we formulated the plan to go to the land of the yellow … with the aid of Kravens magic we were teleported to the yellow …

Things started rough for us in the yellow … Hoger was called king and kin slayer by some orcs and duels ensued … I love Hoger to death at this point and he has been a proven and loyal companion and as much as I wanted to help him when he stood outnumbered this was not my fight , not my place … there is honor code among warriors and I learned that code from the actions of Hoger … this was his fight , this was his destiny to shape his path among his people … in retrospect I wouldn’t let them kill Hoger if that came to fruition although I am not sure how would I prevent it from happening either … Hoger explained through sheer will of combat his position and stance among his people and I guess to some degree united the clans … although he made one eternal enemy out of the one of the younger and prideful orcs he clashed blades with … I guess such are turbulence’s of life and results of some of the choices we make … throughout this whole ordeal I was actually thinking if there was a way to solve this peacefully without drawing blood , the oaths of Thorek coming back into my mind … I quickly dismissed such notion as sometimes one needs to lift his blade to defend what’s right and just , and this was one of those times …

After the fight I climbed one of the mountains near by and meditated trying to make connection with Thorek , although feint and very weak the connection materialized in a different form … the elements themselves answered my call , the hardness of the earth , the might of the fire – the two elements that create the soul of every dwarf heeded my call … at that moment I decided I will follow the path that closely resembles that of Thorek although paladin is not my calling as I don’t think I can obey the oaths that Thorek did I can become the next best thing and spread the word of Thorek to those who would hear it … I can become a vessel of the long forgotten god and as my fame grows I can rebuild once great nation of my kin and rebuild the faith that will held that nation together for genertaions to come …

The Rumblings of the Coming Storm

Jillandre has eluded us…Again! For once, my hatred resurfaced getting the better of me and not because of the dwarf. This time, it has even now surpassed the burning need to locate the traitorous Faybrisc.

After the rigorous ordeal of recovering the three regalia, bold Hawgr performed the required ritual to awaken the Red Dragon, Craven. Alone! Surviving his wrath and not being eaten, torn into shreds, or bathe in scorching flames, he has ordered us to eradicate the taint that has taken hold of his charges in the Red Kingdom. Meanwhile, he will in turn soar above once more and stamp out the encroaching undead.

As we tried to seek out the Red Queen within her kingdom, all the while being assaulted at every turn by the Darklings, we discovered that she has gone off to meet and negotiate the safe relocation of her people with none other than the Dark Lord himself. Why am I not surprised that Jillandre would rear his charismatic head at this opportune time. Looking at the group of Azers and Lizardfolk riders ahead, with Jillandre and three of his Dark touched underlings amongst them, we confirmed this rumor to be true.

I thought it wise at first to hear out the Azers and the Lizardfolk as to why they would ally themselves with this honey tongued snake in the grass. But, when they explained that the demon offered his Dark Lord’s aid against the amassing undead horde that was plaguing their lands, I knew that our task got even more complicated.

As we neared the barricaded inner city of the Red Kingdom, we surveyed only the remaining armed forces of those that stayed behind to protect their city from invasion. Looking once again at Jillandre, taunting Charisma and Tavok in turn, I’m weighing in my reasons on why not strike him with lightning where he stands. We could capture him right there and then, if he survives my assault, and persuade him to tell me the whereabouts of Faybrisc.

Alas, things did not go as we would have hoped. Taking his cue while we were amongst the people of the Red Kingdom, he made his signature escape with the help of his pet creature. One small consolation, Braith courageously planted two of her daggers into his gut before he fled the scene. With a quick snap of his bloodied fingers and clutching the protruding daggers against his wounds, Jillandre instructed his four armed beastly companion to attack and dissolved in a wisp of inky black shadow.

Hawgr rages and cleaved a path towards the large shadow beast, allowing me in turn to follow suit and transform into a similarly large shambling mound of vegetative mass of arms and legs. Then chaos ensued with the loud thunderous boom of gunfire, lightning, and screams of battle cries.

Moving Forward

As we have proceeded further in search of this armor to aid us in our journey we come across a group of goblins. Tavok instructed me to put out my light as it agitated the large cluster of centipedes that we also stumbled into. Which did us no good as we were being peppered by crossbow bolts. In which case the staying in the dark became a muted point as they can see in the dark but most of us can not. Needless to say the fight got underway. Braith tried reasoning with the goblins and while I do not speak goblin I know that nothing she said could’ve explained Hawgr charging the goblins, screaming and pouring alchemic oil on himself. Unfortunately I had to strike down a few goblins. Along with using the Hado technique to rid ourselves of the swarms. While this was going on I noticed that there were goblin children. Scared and scarred from seeing their family being slain by our hands. I am not sure if there was a better solution for this. It also became clear as to why they attacked us. After the goblins fled we unfortunately couldn’t spend much to rest. We had to push forward in order to ensure that the goblins couldn’t set traps. As we get into the next chamber via the door being kicked in. Couldn’t tell who did it honestly. But none the less here we are surely about to get into another fight. First thing that happened is all of our lights were put out, followed by an encounter with a female voice. Requesting for Charisma and Sen to come see her art gallery. It was extremely difficult to pin point the voice so all we could do is try to bargain our way through this until the lights came back on. After trying to converse with her to no avail we were forced to draw her out. the first time was by accident when Tavok called her ugly. The room started to shake and the pathway behind us was closed. Meanwhile me and Summaris spent time trying to come up with strategies and solutions to dealing with this which ultimately lead us to drawing her out by insulting her a 2nd time. Well that time she called for a huge centipede to come through one of the tunnels. As it’s head appeared me and Tavok’s attention shifted towards the creature. Tavok wasted no time putting 3 arrows of lightning into the beast as I followed with using my most powerful Hado attack. Making it the 4th time in one day I have used the Hado technique. As this is still a relatively new technique I have developed using it so much has been a bit taxing. But now that Tavok and myself have stopped the massive centipede now we had to focus on Ms. Murrata. I could only land a few hits on her but we eventually killed her. Sadly this journey is forcing so much loss of life. But we do what we must. But after the fight ended I found myself exhausted having used so much of my ki in this last series of fights. But I must say I don’t think I have ever seen Tavok fight so fiercely and with such focus. I am pretty sure that Tavok could have killed that giant centipede without my help. I am not sure if it was our conversation or the danger the Orange is in at the moment. It could be both but if this is the Tavok we are looking at in the future then I feel like there is hope to put a stop to this. And his potential is no longer a theory but now being applied. Now is just a matter of tapping into my own potential. With our opponents improving in number, skill and size something has to change. It is time that I return to my deep meditations, martial arts training and ki development.

The Sands of the Red/The Journey Traveled Thus Far

So after I ran beyond my absolute fastest to the major city to warn them of the oncoming dangers. I found that members of the Black had already made it’s way into the ranks. Including a girl named the Singer. unfortunately I was not able to pick up on something until it was too late. To add onto that she put us about a days travel off course. And in the desert that can be dangerous. Fortunately I have plenty of water and rations for the party should it come to that. But I have kept that a secret for the most part. As we travel I notice that the super-virus has taken affect on some of the party. I have found myself completely immune but the rest are not as fortunate. But as time progressed I come to find a wonderful surprise display of character from Tavok and Summaris. The ranger and the druid have found a way to cure the entire group of the virus. Tavok truly has grown. Taken responsibility for his actions and found a solution to the problem. There may be hope for him and the Dwarves. Summaris surpirsed me as well. He really collaborated with the Dwarf. Maybe the Elves and Dwarves can grow beyond their problems. As we made it to our destination I meditate and can’t help but feel this strong power. Dangerous and oddly contained. I am not sure if that is a good thing or something to be careful about. A lot is at stake here. And time grows more and more precious as the finger is still on the move and the Singer is a carrier for the Super-Virus. And now Tavok is telling me that she has returned to the Orange. The Dwarves have already been hit hard. If we do not come with a cure there may not be any Dwarves left in the world. I hope we can make it in time.

The Library Burried Beneath/The Sands of the Red

We have finally made it to our next step as we have fled some angry creature. We continue to move on through this place. And every single thing in here is rigged with traps and dangerous creatures meant to kill us. After a bit of time trying to find a way out we come to a room with an anti-magic field. With a ring in a glass case, a flute, a pendant, and a glove. Ashford tells everyone not to touch the items. And of course Sen and Tavok grab everything there. I swear I have never seen such a collection of stupidity in my years of traveling. So Tavok decides he is going to lie to Ashford when taking the flute from Sen. And he plays a tune. Which unleashes some wind genie. He wishes for Hogart and all of are possessions back and then wishes us out of the Red’s library. 3 wishes made in an instant. With that that genie is set free to do whatever to this world. To add on to that he removes the ring from his finger. Which was a strong wizard also now free to do whatever to the people of this world. And the glove apparently is some super-virus that mutates and is highly contagious. Oh and I almost forgot about the pendant that releases plagues of the undead by some crazy number. We have not even made it to the Red and we already have caused more damage than our enemy in the area. I spoke with Tavok about this and he seemed to initially believed that what was done was okay. And the people who will die as a result are just a small sacrifice. Or should I say another small sacrifice. He believe his life to be more valuable than the next. He seemed to share the same views as the Blue and as the Black. I am seriously considering if I am on the right side. We ignore the people, while the Black empowers them. The Elves starve and almost destroy the Dwarves. Meanwhile the Black provided them with means of survival. And now we are unleashing plagues of undead and disease. Whereas the Black has done absolutely nothing to that sort. Tavok claims that he is sorry and has grown from me bringing this up to him. But I am not entirely convinced. However Ashford and Tavok’s words and sincerity are enough for now to allow me to have patience. But I do observe quietly on the quality of people that I travel with from here on out.

Into the Guarded Library/Burried Beneath the Sands

So we have escaped courtesy to Ashford’s contact Wisp. The party has been stripped of all there materials. Especially anything magical. This does not affect me as I am the source of my own ability. That being said it is kind of on me to make sure that we still alive. Or at the very least make it into the library. After defeating a large gargoyle Charisma fell victim yet again. And I was forced to reveal a new secret technique that I had discovered using my ki. I call this the Hidden Technique of Hado. Or the Hado for short. The reason for this technique was to help Ashford’s son. But I was forced to reveal it for the first time to save Charisma. I now fear what else will be coming for us now that I have reveal that I have this ability. More importantly if this is what we are facing then what awaits us in this large library? As we proceed into the large library we come across many things. Many interesting creatures. Many interesting doors. What I remembered and learned here is that this is all a cycle. And while the Trees said that nothing matters it makes me wonder. Is that really true? Is all of this just a pointless cycle. Does any of this matter? We are on a quest to fight the Black to ensure everyone is free. But the Blue is treating their people worse than the black. It is a lot to ponder. Are we doing the right thing? I was forced to use the Hado for a 2nd time against a magus after talking down a Paladin from the Purple. Is everyone here trying to help the world? Or are they just trying to help themselves? Hogart took his own life in belief that he would be a burden on us. I had no right to step in his way as he has his own code as a warrior. Summaris said something back in the Orange that started a massive chain reaction throughout the world causing massive destruction in trail leading back to us. I am not quite sure but something tells me that it wasn’t a total accident. But I digress. I need to remain focused on saving as many lives as possible. I do not want my memory to be one that leaves only a trail of death and destruction.

The Blue

What is it about this place that brings such unrest to my being? I try to understand the people, the wealthy, the privilege and those in power. But all I seem find is a lack of equality. No concern for each other. Only concern for themselves. Separation and greed. Our whole purpose for even coming to this place is to unify the lands, protect the innocent and the defenseless. But here I see the those with power financial, political, or magical trample on those without it. Those who work continuously just to keep what little they have and care for each other. Those on the floating island just take and give almost nothing to the people. This is not how treat people. It saddens me to see people treated so poorly. I saw and heard a lot from the people while I went on my morning training and information seeking. All I heard is how the poor and working are taxed heavily and neglected by the powers that be. It is situations like these that make it easy for the dark to gain momentum in a empire. When discussing this with our team it seems like no one cared except Braith. The representative of the White simply stated that it wasn’t our problem. I tried my best to plead on behalf of those who’s voice was ignored and I was ignored the same. By both my traveling companions and the government powers at hand. But while peaceful solutions to rooted problems were ignored violent solutions to surface problems were given priority. The whole purpose is to fight against the Black to protect the very people we ignored. It is bad enough that we had to fight against desperate Dwarves who were doing whatever they could to survive. But now we are ignoring a serious problem in the Blue. Speaking to these people, both the ones I travel with and the government do no good. I just waste energy. Of course because we ignored the real problem the weapon fell into the hands of the enemy. Not to mention countless lives were lost. What was the point of us even being there since we did nothing of importance. My essence has so much to say but my mind struggles to find the logic in even forming words. When this is all done I will come back to the Blue and do what I can to free those people.


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