Crunchy bits for players to note

It occurs to me that not everyone will know what I mean when I say crunchy and fluffy. Crunchy means related to rules, mechanics, and dice rolls. Fluffy is related to role play, setting, story, and personality stuff.

So as far as the actual campaign crunchy bits go, I will be using the basic and expanded Pathfinder rules. Don’t hesitate to use any Paizo approved source, though if it is in some way imbalanced mechanically or in the setting GM fiat may still veto.

Stats should be rolled up using the 4d6 method, such that you roll four six sided dice, reroll any 1’s, and add up the highest three rolls to determine your scores. Do this six times, such that you have six numbers, then assign them to your individual statistics to suit your character. No character should start with over an 18 in any one stat from rolls + racial bonuses, though magic enhancements may take these numbers higher as the game progresses.

I will be using the “Medium” exp progression as outlined in the players handbook. Different players will be starting at different levels out of the gate. Frankly, players levels will likely rise quickly. Defeating enemies, completing goals, and session exp will all be granted to the entire party. Also, individual players will have secret (or not, up to you) missions that will reward bonus exp on completion. These quests may offer just exp, or just items, or perhaps special powers that make sense for your character and who they become in the story as it progresses.

There are doubtlessly a bajillion potential reasons that players in this campaign would like to perform acts, ask questions out of character, or investigate something without the rest of the party being made aware. Subtle texts, note passing, or just asking to speak privately for a moment are all encouraged and can add a lot of complexity and depth to the relationships between party members. If another player subtly performs an action that would allow a roll to perceive, sense motive, etc, your roll will be made secretly on the GM side, with your outcome determining what your characters are aware of.

An old staple of my previous group is end of session bonus exp based on performance. The players may nominate other players for their excellent role playing, insightful decision making, combat effectiveness, creative solutions, whatever you’d like, to receive an extra boon of experience.

There are a few other elements that I will be using in this campaign as well. Specific players may be the sole bearers of knowledge, secrets, or responsibilities within the group. It is up to each player to choose the method of which they interact with the rest of the group regarding these private details.

I will put more here as it comes to me, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will put up a crunchy FAQ here as it comes.

Crunchy bits for players to note

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