The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Entering the Ways

Fears of an Oracle

I met a group of travelers as I was leaving the Green Forest. Something, or someone, guided me to them. And now I know why. They have decided to enter a place that has nearly killed me, and did kill my friends. Why? What is so important that they risk death? Or at the very least insanity? I fear that only my connection to the divine, though I understand it little, that has protected me from those who were my friends, and are now only shades screaming for my demise. Or maybe it is because of this door in front of us. A door I fear I have seen before but…. I am unsure. I can only follow the dictates of the divine and hope that in the end it does not all fall in around us. Bless us for they know not what they do or what lies ahead.


benschmitz brdltaylor712

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