The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

Into the Guarded Library/Burried Beneath the Sands

So we have escaped courtesy to Ashford’s contact Wisp. The party has been stripped of all there materials. Especially anything magical. This does not affect me as I am the source of my own ability. That being said it is kind of on me to make sure that we still alive. Or at the very least make it into the library. After defeating a large gargoyle Charisma fell victim yet again. And I was forced to reveal a new secret technique that I had discovered using my ki. I call this the Hidden Technique of Hado. Or the Hado for short. The reason for this technique was to help Ashford’s son. But I was forced to reveal it for the first time to save Charisma. I now fear what else will be coming for us now that I have reveal that I have this ability. More importantly if this is what we are facing then what awaits us in this large library? As we proceed into the large library we come across many things. Many interesting creatures. Many interesting doors. What I remembered and learned here is that this is all a cycle. And while the Trees said that nothing matters it makes me wonder. Is that really true? Is all of this just a pointless cycle. Does any of this matter? We are on a quest to fight the Black to ensure everyone is free. But the Blue is treating their people worse than the black. It is a lot to ponder. Are we doing the right thing? I was forced to use the Hado for a 2nd time against a magus after talking down a Paladin from the Purple. Is everyone here trying to help the world? Or are they just trying to help themselves? Hogart took his own life in belief that he would be a burden on us. I had no right to step in his way as he has his own code as a warrior. Summaris said something back in the Orange that started a massive chain reaction throughout the world causing massive destruction in trail leading back to us. I am not quite sure but something tells me that it wasn’t a total accident. But I digress. I need to remain focused on saving as many lives as possible. I do not want my memory to be one that leaves only a trail of death and destruction.


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