The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

The Blue

What is it about this place that brings such unrest to my being? I try to understand the people, the wealthy, the privilege and those in power. But all I seem find is a lack of equality. No concern for each other. Only concern for themselves. Separation and greed. Our whole purpose for even coming to this place is to unify the lands, protect the innocent and the defenseless. But here I see the those with power financial, political, or magical trample on those without it. Those who work continuously just to keep what little they have and care for each other. Those on the floating island just take and give almost nothing to the people. This is not how treat people. It saddens me to see people treated so poorly. I saw and heard a lot from the people while I went on my morning training and information seeking. All I heard is how the poor and working are taxed heavily and neglected by the powers that be. It is situations like these that make it easy for the dark to gain momentum in a empire. When discussing this with our team it seems like no one cared except Braith. The representative of the White simply stated that it wasn’t our problem. I tried my best to plead on behalf of those who’s voice was ignored and I was ignored the same. By both my traveling companions and the government powers at hand. But while peaceful solutions to rooted problems were ignored violent solutions to surface problems were given priority. The whole purpose is to fight against the Black to protect the very people we ignored. It is bad enough that we had to fight against desperate Dwarves who were doing whatever they could to survive. But now we are ignoring a serious problem in the Blue. Speaking to these people, both the ones I travel with and the government do no good. I just waste energy. Of course because we ignored the real problem the weapon fell into the hands of the enemy. Not to mention countless lives were lost. What was the point of us even being there since we did nothing of importance. My essence has so much to say but my mind struggles to find the logic in even forming words. When this is all done I will come back to the Blue and do what I can to free those people.


benschmitz eyeamjamesanthony

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