The Shattered Spectrum: The Next Generation

The Library Burried Beneath/The Sands of the Red

We have finally made it to our next step as we have fled some angry creature. We continue to move on through this place. And every single thing in here is rigged with traps and dangerous creatures meant to kill us. After a bit of time trying to find a way out we come to a room with an anti-magic field. With a ring in a glass case, a flute, a pendant, and a glove. Ashford tells everyone not to touch the items. And of course Sen and Tavok grab everything there. I swear I have never seen such a collection of stupidity in my years of traveling. So Tavok decides he is going to lie to Ashford when taking the flute from Sen. And he plays a tune. Which unleashes some wind genie. He wishes for Hogart and all of are possessions back and then wishes us out of the Red’s library. 3 wishes made in an instant. With that that genie is set free to do whatever to this world. To add on to that he removes the ring from his finger. Which was a strong wizard also now free to do whatever to the people of this world. And the glove apparently is some super-virus that mutates and is highly contagious. Oh and I almost forgot about the pendant that releases plagues of the undead by some crazy number. We have not even made it to the Red and we already have caused more damage than our enemy in the area. I spoke with Tavok about this and he seemed to initially believed that what was done was okay. And the people who will die as a result are just a small sacrifice. Or should I say another small sacrifice. He believe his life to be more valuable than the next. He seemed to share the same views as the Blue and as the Black. I am seriously considering if I am on the right side. We ignore the people, while the Black empowers them. The Elves starve and almost destroy the Dwarves. Meanwhile the Black provided them with means of survival. And now we are unleashing plagues of undead and disease. Whereas the Black has done absolutely nothing to that sort. Tavok claims that he is sorry and has grown from me bringing this up to him. But I am not entirely convinced. However Ashford and Tavok’s words and sincerity are enough for now to allow me to have patience. But I do observe quietly on the quality of people that I travel with from here on out.


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