Charles "The Gambler" Jillandre (Dark Touched Native)

Known Summoner in the service of the Dark Lord - Active


A devilishly handsome man with flecks of black flowing slowly across his pupils.

Was drinking in Frayston when he noted the arrival of a well armed and armored Lady of White, accompanied by two well armed and armored bodyguards. In response, he made his own brand of unsubtle attempt to ascertain her intentions.

Later that night, after gathering three local dark touched boys, he made an attempt to assassinate the northern born girl. He was unsuccessful.

Bringing forth his eidolon, “Ashmedai”, he clashed with the party, but made clear his intention to kill them all before making his escape.

Certain that her open presence could only mean terrible things for his and his people’s plans for Frayston, he chose to call down a creature known as “The Bride” to wipe the village from the map, hoping to kill Charisma as well.

His current location is unknown.

Charles "The Gambler" Jillandre (Dark Touched Native)

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