Francesca "WIsp" Castello

Regional Commander of The Rovers - Active


An enigmatic figure involved in coordinating the resistance to the infiltration of Dark Touched.

Wields strange and powerful weapons. Presumed to be backed by the Imperium.

Involved in recruiting both Ashford and Tavin as sleeper agents. Was responding to emergency flare from Frayston when first encountered by the party. Was not pleased to find an agent of the White Towers in Frayston.

After a heated discussion, attempted to convince Ashford and Tavin to accompany her to the floating islands, but was defeated by Charisma, who swayed them to follow her north.

She rescued members of the party from certain death and gave a scroll that allowed the party to infiltrate the Floating Isles.

She is not entirely pleased with what has happened at the parties hands thus far, but remains involved despite everything. She has provided some resources, a method to protect from scrying, and information to the party.

Mystery surrounds her, and she has had to do very unpleasant things for what she considers the “greater good”.

Francesca "WIsp" Castello

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