The Powers

In this era there are nine powers of the Shattered Spectrum.

Players from a region will know more about their specific realm, but what I write here is common history known to all.

There are countless villages, hamlets, and small towns that do not officially ally with any of the powers, but the larger political forces of the world are as such.

The Reclusive Order of the White Mistress: A closed society living in the frozen northern wastes. Not much is known to outsiders, and most have never met one of these enigmatic people. Rumors and myth tells of some grand task that drives the order, though outsiders have not been allowed into the deep portions of their lands for generations. There is trade, but it is very restricted, and knowledge of the White culture is sparse.

The Darkened Lands of the Black Lord: An imposing threat, considered by most to be the greatest terror in the world. Nothing is known of life beyond the western “black wall” except that the massive territory occupied by the “Dark Touched” is completely inhospitable to those not in service of the Dark Lord. Horrific creatures spew with seeming random intent from the black wall, and have for hundreds of years. There has been no diplomatic contact with the peoples of the black in written history.

The Holy Empire of the Blue Falcon: A successful and thriving empire, relatively untouched by war. This land has always been a home to intensely powerful magics. Most of their cities rest upon massive floating islands, hovering in midair near, in, and over, the southern sea. The exact magics that keep the cities alight are a complete mystery, but the common citizenry take their comfortable lifestyle for granted. In ancient history they were bitter enemies of the Red Queendom, but a weapon of immense power, colloquially known as the “Doom Gun” turned the Queendom and it’s peoples into glass. Millions died in the calamity, but the people of the blue view it as a begrudged necessity. Many believe that their current peaceful way of life would not have been possible without the destruction and subsequent rebuilding of their ancient enemy into a powerful ally.

The Clutch of the Flaming Sands: What were once a nomadic people, a tribe of Azer, the people of the flame, settled in the ruins of the once great Queendom. They were joined by “the children of the dragon”, Lizardmen who were once found almost exclusively as a novelty to be owned by slavers and used as gladiators. Their civilization has rebuilt at the edge of the eastern desert on “the glass”, and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful sights in all the world, despite it’s bloody past. They haven’t entirely lost touch with their violent history however. Their leadership is based on a meritocracy, with the most able and fit, with the greatest strength of arm and will, are chosen to lead the clutch. Their rise to prosperity and power is due in no small part to their alliance with the blue empire.

The Great Defenders of the Holy Green Wood: At the behest of their Lord, the Wolf of the Wood, they have turned from a sparse coalition into a powerful and feared realm. Once they were hounded by the greed of under dwellers, swaths of forest home were destroyed in untamed lust for wealth. Today, they are fiercely protective of their lands. They are led by three councils, each council with equal but varying power. A council of Man and Elves, a Council of Beasts, and a Council of Rooted Ones. Trade with the Red and Blue nations is tense, but permitted. They have disallowed any other nation from trading with the under dwellers, and have maintained their embargo on it’s peoples for centuries. Despite this, they remain wary, constantly fearing terrorist attacks from their hated enemies.

The Freedom Fighters of The Under Mountain: Once they were the most profitable and industrious peoples of the world. Their over reaching logging and destruction of the environment ultimately led to their being brought low via the ferocity of the Wolf of the Wood, despite the best efforts of the dwarven god Thorek Ironbrow and the great King Armok. These names have not been forgotten however, and those that remain living in the labyrinthine tunnels of the under mountain cling to the hope that a hero will liberate their people. Theirs is a constant struggle for survival, and many of their people have chosen to join a diaspora, ending up fleeing their broken and destitute nation for unaligned villages and towns.

The Royal Knights of the Purple Tower: A noble and ancient order, with a history of neutrality. They are welcomed peacefully in all nations, and are often used as adjudicators in disputes in unaligned communities. They keep and breed rare gryphons, and are often entrusted as carriers of communication between realms, due to their speed of travel as well as their trusted involvement in interpower conflict. Their headquarters is a massively tall tower, a sight to behold according to the travelers that have seen it.

The Wandering Yellow Tribes: An ancient lineage of Orcs and Half-Orcs. They have managed to maintain their customs in the same manner as their ancestors for generations, due in no small part to the concerted defense of their territory that their oaths with the Empire and Clutch have allowed them. The pride themselves on their cultural purity, and are not keen on allowing outsiders into their territory. Theirs is a land of fertile fields, where they graze cattle and live nomadic lives. Their only permanent settlements are those of their seers, living at the base of the massive volcano that their people worship.

The Pink Wandering Seekers of the Song: Less of a nation and more of a collection of like minded individuals. These travelers are known for their light-hearted playfulness, often accused as pranksters and thieves. They have no true home, instead traveling in massive wagon caravans, constantly flowing from one place to another. They are lovers of music and art, and always ask every new person they encounter if the have heard “the song”. Most outside their ranks have no clear idea what “the song” is, or why they want to hear it… With many finding their peculiarities frustrating and anachronistic, the seekers often find themselves unwelcome, a contributing factor in their wanderings.

The Powers

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